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Hey Girls has the philosophy that girls and young women should never have to compromise their wellbeing or their health. With their Buy One Give One scheme, every box of Hey Girls products that you buy means they give a box away to women who can’t afford this basic right. By exercising social and ethical responsibility in every aspect of their work, Celia and her daughters aim to enrich the lives of girls and young women in the UK. Celia also won Great British entrepreneur of the year in 2019.

  • The women and girls in sport advisory board was established to provide independent advice to the Minister for Public Health and Sport on female participation and awareness raising in all areas of sport and physical activity.
  • “How Scotland’s first women’s football team made history to battle the Auld Enemy”.
  • List of famous Scottish women with their biographies that include trivia, interesting facts, timeline and life history.
  • Having spent my career in the outdoor industry, an environment which can be intimidating and challenging for women to break into, I really think Scotland is making great strides in the right direction to allow its women to be successful.

Women’s football struggled for recognition during this early period and was banned by the football authorities in 1921. Club sides who were interested in using their grounds for women’s football were subsequently denied permission by the Scottish Football Association . The sport continued on an unofficial basis until the 1970s, when the ban was lifted. In 1971 UEFA instructed its members to take control of women’s football within their territories. The motion was passed 31–1, but Scotland was the only member to vote against it. Football in Scotland has traditionally been seen as a working class and male preserve. This revelatory book concentrates on Scottish women painters and sculptors from 1885, when Fra Newbery became Director of the Glasgow School of Art, until 1965, the year of Anne Redpath’s death.

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In 1921, Gray became the first woman appointed to the Hanging Committee of the Royal Glasgow Institute of the Fine Arts. To find out more read our updated Use of Cookies policy and our updated Privacy policy. Many Scottish women were pioneers in their own fields of research, yet are now largely unknown. Here, we highlight some of their achievements, as well as some of the challenges which they had to face. Scottish Women Inventing Music is a collection of music creators and industry professionals who identify as female.

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A narrow majority of men (51%) and only 42% of women voted for independence, according to YouGov. “The women’s vote effectively lost the referendum,” says Elaine C. Smith, a comedian and nationalist campaigner. This report contains the first steps in what the board believe is needed in Scotland to start to create gender balance within sport. These changes will proactively address, on a systematic level, the change that is required to not make mistakes of the past, but continue to improve towards a more gender-equal Scotland. The board remit and membership are under review to ensure that it can fully algin with priority areas across government and the recovery of sport from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The sources presented are arranged thematically in three sections. This arrangement reflects some of the most important and insightful themes for exploring domestic life. This was an oral history project to capture the experiences of women who settled in the Pollokshields area of Glasgow.

Her post-war portrait sitters included members of the Royal Family and the British aristocracy. She studied at The Herkomer School in Bushey, Hertfordshire, where she met her husband, the artist William Nicholson. They had four children and Nicholson paid them modest fees to sit for her as domestic responsibilities permitted. She exhibited in group shows in London but her career was cut short by an early death during the Spanish influenza epidemic of 1918.

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They reached their first major tournament finals when they qualified for UEFA Women’s Euro 2017. We produce a monthly membership digital magazine dedicated to women in business and run a series of Roadshow events and awards to celebrate and empower women in business while tackling the gender gap in enterprise. We aim to encourage personal and professional development for business owners and women who work across all sectors and levels of experience and responsibility. We promote business opportunities by way of sharing news, showcasing businesses, exchanging views, networking and recognising achievement. This book attempts to cover all the important aspects of a woman’s life in Scotland, examining how and why it changed over the last 300 years. It walks us through the day-to-day existence of Scottish women and in doing so covers areas such as family and household, education, work and politics, religion and sexuality, crime and punishment. WiSA is a collaborative network for everyone working in the Scottish aquaculture industry.

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The history of Scottish involvement in the British Empire has seen considerable growth in the last two decades. Some of the key themes in this history have been the empire as a sphere of opportunity for Scots in terms of imperial careers, emigration to the colonies of settlement, and the impact of empire at home. Studies of the impact at home have included forms of popular culture, imperial exhibitions, and the church-going public who supported foreign missions. This is an easily accessible project that records oral histories of the experiences of the South Asian and Muslim community in Scotland. They have an exhibition called GlaswegAsians at Scotland Street School withGlasgow Museums. The women’s testimonies are easy to find and have some important records of living in Scotland.

Our Awards Dinner each year is aimed at recognising and celebrating the hard work, dedication and commitment that enables young girls and women to participate in every aspect of sporting life. Whether it be through individual talent, outstanding contribution, inspiring others or teamwork, those involved will be recognised for their sporting achievements. She was discouraged from attended art school by the Scottish Colourist J. D. Fergusson and as a result is essentially a self-taught ‘outsider’ artist. During a peripatetic life beset with financial and psychological challenges, Douthwaite travelled extensively, whilst considering Scotland to be her home.

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Though in Scotland its mainly a boys name, in the US, you will spot so many girls with the name. Dating way back to Medieval times, this old Scottish girl name has a long history. The moniker is a derivation of the Scots pronunciation of Annabel.

  • Choosing Scottish girl names can be a little challenging especially if you and your partner are having differences.
  • ‘I am finishing my fifth year at St George’s having started as a boarder in Upper 4 when I was 14 years old.
  • What is it like to be a pupil at an all girls’ school in Edinburgh?
  • It has become quite rare in recent years, making it such a unique Scottish girl’s name.

Boys are welcome in the nursery and to the end of P3 by 2024. Educate the Scottish public, media and commercial investors on the role of sport in driving gender equality while improving the health and well-being of our girls and women. With a core group of girls, a team of coaches and a squad manager we are well placed to support the development of female players through their pathway. The films are screened together for the first time in a touring programme full of contemporary relevance. Featuring work from female Scottish filmmakers, including Sarah Erulkar, Brigid ‘Budge’ Cooper and Jenny Gilbertson, these rarely seen films follow women’s histories through a century of filmmaking in Scotland. If you are still searching for a name for your daughter, take the time to check on the spelling and meaning.

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Everyone seems to want to name their baby girl with a name that ends with “n” nowadays. They not only roll off the tongue with ease but are easy for your baby to write once they are in school. Short and sweet is the perfect definition of this baby name.

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Possible spelling variations include MacKinley, MacKinlee, Makinleigh ad almost infinitum. McKinley is one of the Scottish names for girls that can work equally well for boys. Cameron Diaz almost single-handedly transported this sophisticated Scottish male surname into the girls’ camp, where it has had a rapid rise to popularity — though it’s never caught up with the boys.

The name of a small, inhabited Shetland island in Scotland makes one of the unique Scottish names for girls. While it’s an uncommon name internationally, it’s also a traditional girls’ name in its native country, where it ranks in the top 400 . The Scottish people love nature and most of Scottish girl names have a reference of its beautiful landscapes. The women and girls in sport advisory board was established to provide independent advice to the Minister for Public Health and Sport on female participation and awareness raising in all areas of sport and physical activity. We have engaged with women and girls from the autism community and we have drawn on the expertise of a network of professionals to develop a range of videos and other support materials. Ultimately, this research shows that inequality affects girls in all sorts of ways. One seven year old we spoke to told us that she had to wear dresses, be on her best behaviour and wasn’t allowed to climb trees.

Ailsa is a traditional Scottish name for girls related to a rocky island in the Firth of Clyde called Ailsa Craig. It might make an interesting alternative to the outdated Ashley or overly popular Ella, and could also be thought of as a relative of Elizabeth or Elsa. Rowan is the name of a tree with red berries that’s commonly found in Scotland . Some scholars say this name has been used for girls as well as boys since the Middle Ages, though no Rowans are found outside literature until modern times. It’s also a genial Irish surname choice, especially for a redhead – girl or boy. Arabella was used as a given name beginning in the 12th century with the birth of Arabella de Leuchars, granddaughter of William the Lion, King of Scotland. It is derived from the Latin orabilis, from which Arabella gets its meaning.

During the Year of Young People, it has been great to see so many young women’s voices heard and as the year comes to an end there is certainly a lot to look back on and celebrate. However, this is also a time to recognise the problems that still exist and think about how we can improve the lives’ of girls and young women in the coming year and beyond. Of course there are many more Scottish baby names for you to consider. Try this interesting Scottish baby names app to see name trends in Scotland since 1974. Yes, we take one week off every month just to go drink a cappuccino in Sicily.

My teachers have supported me throughout my time from Nursery to Upper 6. Over the years every one of them has said that I had the ability, and it was up to me to grab the opportunities and to make the most of them.’ Read Mirren’s full story. Established in 1888 by the pioneers of women’s education, the school is one of Scotland’s largest girls’ schools and the only all-through independent, private schoolin Edinburgh for girls from 3 to 18 years.

Why does Mairi, pronounced MAW-re, seem so much cooler than Mary? This Irish form of Mary was not used before the seventeenth century, as it was considered too sacred. Some of its Anglicized forms include Moira, Maura and Maurya. But since Adair scottish bride has yet to find many takers, it would make a fresh and appealing choice. Mirren is a lively and attractive Scottish name, popular in its native country but best known outside Scotland as the surname of the English actor Dame Helen Mirren.

A lot of Scottish girl names have been influenced by the clan they belonged in or the place where they live in. Aside from that, Scottish girl names are also inspired by Irish names. Check out some of the most beautiful and popular Scottish girl names on the list below. You will be surprised at the many beautiful Scottish girl names there are. For a name related to a Scottish town, a richly patterned Indian fabric, and a country singer named Brad, Paisley has been a remarkable success story. She entered the Top 1000 in 2006, and broke into the Top 50 for the first time in 2015, and is now one of the most popular girl names that start with P.