Billie Eilish boyfriend: Does Billie Eilish have a partner? Is she anyone that is dating?

Billie Eilish boyfriend: Does Billie Eilish have a partner? Is she anyone that is dating?

BILLIE EILISH happens to be talking out about voting into the upcoming US presidential election – but that is she dating?

Billie Eilish is a singer whoever life has been around numerous ways led by her music. She and her brother Finneas write and create music together, and she has transformed into the youngest receiver of all of the four major Grammy prizes in identical 12 months. This woman is really iconic to fans that are young around the world – but does she have a partner?


Billie Eilish tends never to provide way too much away when it comes her love life, and has a tendency to keep things peaceful when inquired about it.

She actually is undoubtedly a secret to fans and it has hardly ever opened about her love life.

Nonetheless, an meeting she did with 3Voor12 magazine saw her talk a bit that is little this, for which she admitted she had fallen in love before.

She stated: “I happened to be in love, [but] perhaps not during the brief minute.”

Billie Eilish – does she have partner? (Image: Getty)


“I’m in love she added, pointing to herself with her.

Nevertheless, much more current interviews, she’s got been a bit more available about her dating life and history.

In reality, in a single meeting she also recommended dating had not been she becomes “a different person” when in a relationship for her and said.

Talking to GQ, she stated: “It is really weird, but we don’t view it for myself.

“i know I will eventually find someone, but at the moment we can’t visualize it.

Billie Eilish along with her parents and brother Finneas (Image: Getty)

“i’m I am with someone else like I am a totally different person when.

“People just don’t get it done for me personally. It’s been months and I have always been perhaps maybe not interested in individuals any longer.

“I don’t know what’s going on… It’s actually types of dope.”

Demonstrably Billie is loving being solitary, but she has received some previous relationships which experienced a visible impact on her.

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Billie once known as Henry Whitford once the kid with who she had her very first kiss.

Apart from that, according towards the Netline, she’s mentioned two relationships, with one being with “a man whom mistreated her,” and another in which the child “didn’t have the way that is same her.”

A relationship was mentioned by her within the GQ meeting, where she stated: “I’ve had my heart broken, certain. Individuals have done some terrible s**t to me personally.

“The crazy s**t We have been through. We have never ever sensed effective in a relationship.

“[Well] i did so once and, do you know what, we took advantageous asset of that person’s kindness. We wasn’t familiar with it.”

Billie Eilish and Finneas doing together (Image: Getty)

Some have wondered whether she’s ever been romantically included together with her beautiful collaborator Khalid, with whom she has showed up on phase many times.

Talking with Fashion mag about their conference in 2016, Billie stated: “My friend played ‘Location’ before it was big for me back in 2016.

“I seemed him up and I also couldn’t find a solitary benefit of him. I literally looked up the name Khalid on iTunes and there clearly was nothing here: no songs, no artist web web page, simply absolutely nothing.

On Twitter“So I found ‘Location’ on Soundcloud, and then realized that he followed me.

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“He DM’d me or we DM’d him, after which he provided me with their quantity. We simply became friends.

“Neither of us were chasing almost any clout, or anything you desire to phone it. I respected him for his art, in which he respected me personally.

“And he then became the massive star that i thought he had been.”

They have only been friends, according to Billie, who is clearly loving life as a single person, at least for the moment while they are clearly close.