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Do Latinas Have Better Intercourse? Are We Also Permitted To Ask That?

Do Latinas Have Better Intercourse? Are We Also Permitted To Ask That?

Can it be truth?

The Guardian’s feminist columnist Jessica Valenti has got to be admired on her behalf chutzpah, regardless if often her execution is just a bit messy. In a current line, as an example, she tackled a subject which have currently gotten me into trouble as a journalist currently wanting to straddle the two Americas (though my Colombian boyfriend gets mad at me personally for thinking there is multiple): cross-cultural sex.

“Of course the French have actually better intercourse if our concept of intercourse is restricted to men’s ideals,” Valenti’s headline reads. She proceeds to recount what sort of French commentator “seems truly baffled because of the inquisitive coupling of American prudishness and sex that is male-centric. “:

. she worries that any US guy she might date would think she ended up being a “slut” based on French norms, and she does not understand just why American ladies give unreciprocated blow jobs.

Now, some of you whom’ve ever resided outside your property culture will know both just exactly exactly how irresistible and exactly how dangerous such comparisons that are cross-cultural be. Whenever, as an example, in a current line about Shakira we alluded to how staying in Colombia has provided me personally an earth-shattering new view of sex, my visitors had been outraged at whatever they called my “racial fetishizing.”

Those readers definitely had a place. I’d like to make one thing clear: I’m not Latina, merely A midwestern kid whom occurred to understand Spanish young, became close friends with a Mexican, studied Latin United states politics, after which relocated to Colombia to find the tradition I would spent a decade reading about. I’ve been in, although not of, Latino tradition for quite some time now.

But fascination that is cultural good motives do not get you from the hook for perhaps perhaps not understanding your very own privilege. We have within the past discussing Colombian females for US visitors in a manner that We sounded like an imperialist gringa cow that I believed at the time to be sensitive and progressive, and then, reading my own work translated into Spanish, realized. Continue reading Do Latinas Have Better Intercourse? Are We Also Permitted To Ask That?