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In the Home: Accent Chairs

Finding furniture for your new home is an exciting adventure Whether you prefer something that is more contemporary or even bohemian, there is truly a style for everyone’s taste and budget. Seating is one of the most important decisions you will make. After all, a home is not a home without a place to sit down and just relax. Accent chairs change the feeling of a room and can help to create distinct spaces within your home. 

Creating an inviting atmosphere in your living space can start with a sofa but it ends in an accent chair. While sofas are generally more neutral in color, adding a chair not only creates more seating but can bring in both color and texture. For example, a velvet chair can bring in not only stunning color, but also much needed texture. Part of interior design is creating textures in a space that are easy to read and that work cohesively with each other.  

If you are looking to spruce up a corner in a room, you might consider putting in an accent chair with a large plant behind it as well as a larger side table that could perhaps hold a lamp and a few books. Simple touches like these make dedicated spaces within your home that are sure to be beloved by the whole family. In the formal dining room, statement chairs make the host chairs stand out. A great option for this is a “wing style” chair that creates height within both the room and the person seated within it. 

Other types of accent chairs include swivel chairs which aren’t just for the office anymore. They are perfect for putting around a coffee table to create a space for easy conversation. If you prefer having furniture be used as a conversation starter, there are many different statement chairs that can be used to highlight your space. They come in different materials, patterns, and even heights, to suit your design wants and needs. 

Accent chairs compliment any lifestyle. If you are looking for a furniture store in Chicago or an affordable dresser we would love to see you in our shop or work with you online.