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4 Advantages of Japanese Futons

It’s quite possible that your next bed or sofa could be a Japanese futon. Many people are beginning to see the distinct advantages to having a futon as an alternative to either a bed or sofa or to simply having one for visiting guests. We’ve compiled some useful information on the subject so you won’t feel totally kept in the dark on your next bed search. Keep reading to learn all about why you should consider using futons as a main bed source.

  • They are inexpensive: Compared to buying an entire bed set including, mattress, headboard, box spring, etc., futons are relatively inexpensive yet they give you the same degree of comfort that a bed provides. Additionally, the fact that futons are composed of fewer pieces – just the mattress and the futon frame itself – makes them easy to shop for.
  • Japanese futons free up space: Because Japanese futons are composed of only two pieces and are foldable, they can be stored in very tight spaces. This can give your home or apartment the extra space it may need. This is especially important if you live in a small apartment or live a minimalist lifestyle.
  • They’re easier to clean: Conventional mattresses can build up a great amount of dust, hair, skin and dust mites over time. This makes them really tough to clean. You can vacuum them, sure, but you may still end up depositing dust and debris on the surface of your mattress. With Japanese futons, you take them outside and beat them like a rug to knock the dust out. Moreover, the frame itself needs very little to no cleaning.
  • They are portable: Futons can be moved very easily to any room in the house or when it is time to move into another home. With a traditional bed you have to disassemble many parts and move the very heavy frame and mattress. 

The bottom line is that purchasing a futon can end up being one of the best decisions you can make. It can make you want to look for other ways that you can cut down on “stuff” and simplify your life. Or if you prefer a full sized Cardello sofa in gray or any other lifestyle furniture items we have that too.